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Basic Hosting

Our basic web hosting is great for businesses (or individuals) looking to manage their own website. Our blazing fast and completely web optimized servers are in part what’s needed to get to the first page of Google!

Comprehensive Hosting

Our comprehensive hosting packages include everything needed to have an amazing online presence with little to no work at all! Leave the technical work up to us, you’ll be glad you did.

The pricing above is available with a website designed through Poisar, Inc.
For our competitive website design rates, please get in touch with us and we will promptly send you a quote.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting refers to the servers where files or web pages are stored to ensure they are obtainable on the World Wide Web. The computer that has this space is known as a server and it keeps the files of the sites through the internet. In this field of web hosting we offer varied services. One form of this service is the FTP or the File Transfer Protocol service also known as Web Interface. This encompasses sending files via the internet without much alteration. For websites with complicated structures, features and content, we use more complex services like PHP, Ruby on Rails and many more.

Maximizing A Website's Benefit.

With great web content, web design or layout without being placed on a web server it will be of no value. Online presence for your website can only be achieved after being hosted on a web server so as people can access it from wherever they might be. We provide dependable web hosting services so that you can take advantage of online presence as clients want services anywhere and anytime. Thus, your business will be accessible all the time. We use two different types of servers, shared and dedicated servers. Depending on your needs we will employ the one that suits you in budget and requirements.