1.02 Available Features

Last modified: January 19, 2016
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Available Features

Features available for the Homeowner edition

Features Include:

  • Reservation Management
  • Website and Marketing (where available)
  • Instant Online Quotes
  • Owner Statements
  • Work Orders
  • Inventory
  • Calendar and list views

Reservation Management

A Homeowner can view existing reservations, add or edit an existing reservation. Any changes made will update the master management system operated by your m,anagemnt company. Changes will also update any availability calendars that have been embedded to any websites owned by you or your management company.

Features for the Reservation management include:

  • Arrival / Departure information
  • Guest information
  • Financial, payments and taxes
  • Extras

Property Details

  • Property name / location
  • Property configuration
  • Work orders
  • Owner accounts and Statements
  • Inventory control

Web Site and Marketing (If integrated Homeowner website is enabled)

This screen configures the integrated website. Web pages cab be edited directly from the various menu options on this screen. The image gallery can also be configured.

Quotes Manager

  • The Get Quotes screen is used to run quotes for any active properties
  • The Currency, taxes, short stays, down payments can be configured (If integrated Homeowner website is enabled)
  • Edit Rates – configure the rates that will display and quotes issued (If integrated Homeowner website is enabled)
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